If you are serious about your health, your baby’s & your family’s, drinking 2-4L Clean Water every day is in my view one of the first places to start, given our body is made up at least 70% Water💦
Which means no tap water, no mineral water in plastic bottle, no cheap filter like Brita (which might be slightly better than tap but is expensive compared to what it actually does).

Lots of health challenges are due to dehydration, as most waters we drink are essentially not hydrating us and/or are acidic.

Yes, you get it – not all water is equal and by changing your water, you can literally improve your life!!

I am the happy owner of an Ionized Alkaline Water machine (K8 model). The name sounds a bit complicated but it’s very simple, keep reading for the magic! I wish I knew about it years ago which would have made me and my family healthier, saved me money in the long run, and made an impact on the planet earlier too!

So what is so magical about it? 🤔

Well, this is where it gets interesting. This machine transforms the tap water in your home into pure electrolyzed-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water.

Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) is the name used by chemists for ionized alkaline water or alkaline water with antioxidant potential. Not all alkaline water has antioxidant potential. For example, tap water with a pH > 7 or alkaline waters sold in stores with a PH greater than 7 are alkaline waters but they have 0 antioxidant potential. Therefore they aren’t ERW.

The alkaline water produced by a water ionizer has antioxidant potential, which is why ERW is valued for its healing benefits.

The K8 produces 5 types of Kangen water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and washing with PH varying from 9.5 alkaline to 2.5 acidic. And yes it also filters the water from the tap (chlorine, fluoride with extra filter) but it is not to be confused with a simple water filter or alkaline water.

Overall Health Benefits:

  • Natural ANTI-OXYDANT (reduce oxidative stress thus prevent or reduce the development of many inflammatory diseases or cancers)
  • GUT & IMMUNE HEALTH (including heartburn, acid reflux)
  • RECOVERY ACCELERATOR after intensive and heavy exercises.

What has it done for me?

Here are the benefits I have personally experienced since using my very own Ionized Alkaline Water Machine:

Health & Beauty
I am already pretty healthy however when we arrived in Bangkok, my skin and hydration levels took a toll with the weather and pollution. After 2 weeks of using my K8, I could already notice a significant reduction of red pimples on my face/neck, clearer skin, and loose bowel movements back to normal. I also feel and look more hydrated, especially as I physically move a lot. I am yet to see a reduction of my wrinkles 😂

In addition, my partner experienced an energy boost, digestive aid and hydration boost.

Money Saving in the long run

This is a premium high-value product (you can use their payment plan as I did) lasting up to 20 years with good care. Also, I’ve found myself stopping or reducing the use of products that were costing me money before by using the cleaning functions of the machine.

Such as:

  • Anti-oxidant supplements, products used to strip off pesticides from your veggies
  • Handwash/soaps
  • Laundry detergent & other household cleaning products

Environment & Sustainability Friendly

Even though I used a limited amount of eco-friendly cleaning products, these were in plastic containers. The other positive impact on the environment is that the domestically used water doesn’t end up being as toxic.

Please note I am not a hydration expert and I’ve not personally bought a similar machine to compare. There are a few manufacturers in the world, I was introduced to the K8 Machine and their service & products has been amazing to date. I had a water filter only before and although I was very grateful to have it, I did not really feel any different. I am merely sharing the benefits I’ve experienced with this particular machine.

Should you wish to do your own extra research online, make sure you search for ‘Electrolysed Reduced Water’ (ERW), which is Hydrogen-Rich and Alkalised (Not alkaline) water.

For all the above reasons, and as health professional caring about the environment and spreading good health, I decided to become a distributor for this company I like the values and ethos of. Click here if you’d like to know more about the products (Water Ionizers, Shower Filter and Premium Turmeric complex), pricing, extra documentation or any questions you may have.

*Note: My Healthy Bangkok has no affiliation none whatsoever with kangen water and associated products* 


Article written by Audrey Archambault,
Certified Nutrition, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Life Coach & NLP/Time Line Therapy Practitioner  


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