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We don’t believe that the internet need another article about gut health, especially after this one, but if there is one thing we would like to highlight, is that focusing on feeding yourself with nutritious food (vs. “empty” food), containing prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins and minerals, is more than only beneficial for your gut and digestion.
There are many reasons why your gut is known as your second brain. If like me you have been struggling with feeling bloated and IBS, you know that anything that will improve your digestion is gold! But the impact of allowing your gut to function at its best potential doesn’t stop here. It is a huge game changer for your mood to improve, your ability to focus to increase and big deal too: to regulate your hormones.
But like I just said, this will not be the focus of this article which is bringing you to the next level: where to find gut healing food in Bangkok.

Bone broth | Genius Bar, Home of healthy broth

If you have done your research about gut health, you probably read a lot about bone broth and why it is referred to as liquid gold.
And while we know that home-made is often the best, we also know that you don’t always have bones lying around in your kitchen! nor the time to sit by your simmering pot for hours…
So, we are so happy and excited about this new place that has just opened in Eight Thonglo called Genius Bar. Seriously to us, this is the new Starbucks! (but healthy). Stay tuned as we will dedicate a full article to it.

Raw Pickled Spiced Carrots, Raw Sauekraut | Balls & Juices

That is a company that is serious about health! They claim it, and they own it!
We discovered them through the variety of fit balls they sell at the Farmer’s market and some of our favourites supermarkets in Bangkok. We love their delicious almond milk, but now our new favourite pick is their Raw Pickled Spiced Carrots (carrots, cumin, dills, ginger and Himalayan pink salt). Could eat the whole jar right now.
They also have two varieties of Sauerkraut, one of the best food you could eat for a healthy gut: Raw sauerkraut (red cabbage, apple, raisins, caraway seeds, cloves, Himalayan pink salt and peppercorn) and Pineapple sauerkraut ( ginger, turmeric, and Himalayan pink salt).
And just like that, this is how an old an unappealing dish is make sexy!

Organic Greek Yogurt with live probiotics | Butterfly

So that is a new thing for me, but I have been making my own yogurt out of the only grass-fed milk I can find in Bangkok. But the supply being limited, it is not always available.
My second best option then is the already made yogurt from the supermarket, as long as it is organic and contains live cultures.
Texture-wise, what can beat the thickness of a Greek yogurt? As for the taste, what can beat the tanginess of a natural yogurt (of course, with no sugar added)? For me, nothing, so this organic Greek Yogurt with live probiotics by Butterfly is by far the best packaged option in Bangkok.
Third best option? Their regular unsweetened organic yogurt.

Home-made kimchi | Banjoo Korean Restaurant

There are a few types of cuisines that get the “always a good option” label from us! And Korean is part of them. My favourite Korean restaurant in Bangkok is called Banjoo, and besides making the best sweet potato fries I have had in Bangkok, they make their home-made kimchi.
I can bet many Korean restaurants do that, so you might find one closer to your home, but home-made is important to avoid the packaged kimchi from the store that contains sugar and preservatives.
Note: the kimchi might not be part of their menu (because they always bring some to your table anyway) but you can just ask to buy some.

We are always looking for some inspiration so please let us know what are your favorite gut-healing foods in the city!

Where to find them?
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