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We can no longer ignore it, vegan restaurants are hot and happening. We admit, at My Healthy Bangkok we don’t mind eating a vegan meal, so we’re always on the look out for Bangkok’s best plant-based restaurant. But really good vegan food is not easy to find, something Vistro is a pleasant exception to. We promise you that at this restaurant you will even convince a decidated meat eater to go plant-based.

Entrance of Vistro Restaurants with gorgeous greenery

Behind the scenes

Stories behind brands, we love it! In a way the story of Vistro goes way back, as 3 out of the 5 partners went to the same school together. So when years later Stuart, Navin (who knew each other from Bangkok Pattana) and Harsha randomly met over dinner, the stars aligned for them to work together.

Stuart and Harsha in front of their #plantpowered bar

Quickly after meeting each other, they realized they had complimentary skills and it would be a possibility to work together on the project Navin and Harsha started creating – a vegan restaurant in Sukhumvit. Not only that but they realized, all being vegans, they had the same dream of changing the vegan restaurant industry for the better. And so – together with two silent partners – they started Vistro.

A balance of quality and sustainability

Vistro’s main focus is to have the best flavor and quality of the dishes. For this they source products locally where possible. Their main supplier works with a farm up North in Chiang Mai, anything they can’t find there, will be sourced from the South.
Unfortunately, it’s not possible to get all the products from Thailand, yet. Items such as nuts come from the States, strawberries from Korea and avocado from New Zealand.

Two delicious dishes at Vistro - vegan gado gado and portobello steak

An interior passion project

Navin is the brain behind the cool vibes here. Creating the restaurant has been one of his passion projects, and you can see that in everything around you. The place is spacious and rugged: lots of wood, stone, industrial, repurposed materials and above all a bright open space. It’s incredibly beautiful and clean. The colors, materials and plants used in the restaurant give it a fresh and natural look. A place where you want to hang out for your Sunday Brunch, or a regular lunch or dinner. You know, just one of those places where you sit down and don’t want to leave.

The spacious and rugged interior at Vistro
The interior at Vistro has an industrial feel

What’s Cookin’?

For many, this is what its all about – the food and drinks! And of course we don’t want to keep you from the scrumptious dishes and drinks that are being served at Vistro. From Tuesday to Sunday, you can go here for a breakfast and coffee to go, a sit down lunch and dinner, and on Sundays you can even enjoy a delicious brunch.

Menu Vistro on a clipboard at one of their tables

When looking at the menu it was so difficult to make a decision as there was so much choice; vegan dumplings, Portobello Steak, different types of tacos, and then we hadn’t even looked at the sweet stuff yet! We decided to come back several times, trying different dishes. Full disclosure – we were never disappointed! 

On our first visit we picked out a dish that really spoke to us. Joëlle went for the Miang Kham Salad. This dish has lots of freshness and leaves, not common or easy to find in Bangkok. Joëlle found this the perfect side dish or even a main course on days she feels a bit sluggish. The crunchy feel and the vivid colors made it even more enticing!

Colorful Miang Kham Salad

I decided to go for the Vistro Poke – the ingredients were fresh and the combination of the crispy shallots, teriyaki tofu, and – my all time favorite ingredient – avocado made it a perfect poke bowl. However, the sauce was a bit too dominant for me, so I would probably ask for a little less next time. Still delicious tho.

To top the lunch off, we tried the raw snyckers bar, which was gone in seconds. I think you know what that means, right?

The colorful Vistro Poke dish
Delicious vegan snyckers bar at Vistro

A week or so later we met up with Stuart and Harsha, and after hearing the entire story about Vistro, its food, the design and more, Stuart and Harsha had us craving for more! So we tried the delicious Gado Gado and the super tasty Portobello Steak. 

As a non-vegan it often feels like you’re missing something on your plate when you’re eating an all-plant-based meal, but we found this dish very satisfying and balanced. Joëlle was sure that even her meat-loving friends would like this “green” alternative too! As for the Gado Gado, not only was the chicken indistinguishable from the real thing, Vistro’s culinary team was able to elevate this normally basic meal to a sophisticated dish with excellent flavors.

Stuart’s choice

Stuarts favorites are based on dishes that are subtle and fresh, those kind of dishes he would be able to eat every day: 

  • Beet Ravioli 
  • Vistro Poke
  • Flatbread Pizza
  • Baja Phish Taco

Customer’s Choice 

  • Dumplings
  • Miang Kham Salad
  • Habibi Wrap
  • Tokyo Taco
  • Portobello Steak
  • Moo Ping Soi 24

We came back for more, during vegetarian week – when we were lucky to secure the Vagyu Sando and the Caribbean Tricken Burger. During which, we finally tasted Vistro’s famous donut. Oh my goodness… these dishes were so scrumptious! The combination of the soft and crispy texture combination on the Vagyu Sando made this dish even more tasty. And we were so impressed with the texture of the Tricken Burger,  we couldn’t believe it wasn’t a real chicken burger. But what we loved best was the combination of the burger with the dressing. YUM!

You really notice that quality ingredients are used for the dishes. And that is reflected in the flavor of each dish. There is nothing we could find that was not flavorful.

Joelle about to enjoy the Carribean Tricken Burger at Vistro
Frey finally enjoying Vistro's famous donut

Vistro keeps on changing and reinventing itself, which is impressive for a restaurant that opened its doors less than 6 months ago! This means that their menu has gone through an update already. The Vagyu Sando and the Caribbean Tricken Burger have been added to the menu. But, unfortunately, the Gado Gado – my personal favorite – has been taken off the menu. A great way to keep surprising guests with new flavors and dishes. So I am sure I will find a new favorite soon! 

What’s more? 

We weren’t able to try all the different offerings at Vistro, as there is just so much to choose from. From the vegan ice cream – from Hua Hin based ice cream company buono – to the wellness lates, the kombucha and the Sunday brunch. Vistro knows how to make you come back for more!

Harsha pouring a Kombucha from the tap
A delicious Golden Mylk served at Vistro
Frey enjoying a cold pressed rosemary lemonade at Vistro

The Verdict

What struck us was the hospitality, and the original food and drink menu. Something really different – plant-based, with a cheeky side – yet something for everyone! Here a carnivore or herbivore will have a great time and enjoy the amazing dishes that are prepared with love and care.

Tasty food, delicious drinks, good coffee (not unimportant!) with various plant-based milk options, and friendly staff. As you can imagine our verdict is a big fat YES! Go to Vistro yourself to find our what we have experienced over the last couple of visits. For more information on menu, opening hours and reservations, visit their website.

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