Today, I would like to talk to you about pampering, relaxing, “me” time, and giving your body a well-deserved prince or princess treatment! How does it sound…?
While finding a massage parlour to stop by – literally WHEREVER you are in Bangkok –  is as easy as pie, I also think that the more choice we have, the more difficult it could be to find a really good address due to the additional curation work!  But once we find that one place that stands out, which environment is great, clean, with an awesome vibe, skilled therapists, products we are happy to have spread all over us, and with of course a good value for money, we can only think that the search was worth it.
Since I happen to have found a gem, I wanted to share more details with you about The Hive Spa, located on the 1st floor of the The Hive Thong Lo. Not only they belong in the  “Bangkok Best Spas” ranking, but with a great value for money.
I have been there several times, and I got to try some of the different treatments they have on their menu.

The Venue 

Who never dreamt of having a massage at work…? whether to take a break in your stressful day, or after a long one sitting at your desk?

The Hive Spa
totally represents that moment of pleasure and relief to me, as I am using The Hive co-working space on my working hours. In addition to being there at the right time & right place, I can’t think of something I don’t like about the Hive Spa and I truly appreciate that they have gone far into providing all the details that count: waitress service, fast internet, individually controlled music, power points to charge your phone or laptop while you are getting your treatment.

It is a boutique spa, with a very cozy atmosphere, on the opposite side of the factory and impersonal feel we sometimes get elsewhere, and standing out from the palette of Bangkok 5* Hotel Spas as the Hive presents sumptuous services and setting, at a wise price. See full menu here.

There are two main sections:

  • one room for the treatments you can receive in a sitting position such as the Head & Shoulder Massage (60 min, 600 THB) or an express version (30 min, 300 THB), a Foot or Hand Scrub + Mask (60 min, 900 THB) or its express version (30 min, 450 THB).
  • individual rooms for full-body treatments such as the Thai Massage (60 min, 600 THB), the Aroma Massage (60 min, 1200 THB) both available in 90 min or 120 min.
    I love that they have a changing room! Seriously, that is such a nice detail, as in many massage places, you either have to change in the massage room itself or even in the bathroom.

The style & decor of the Hive Spa is unique here in Bangkok. Created by a renowned London-based interior designer, the Spa is designed “to be as welcoming and comfortable as your home” and it is indeed the vibe you can feel.

The Therapists & the Skills

Once seduced by the environment, the tricky part could be to have set some high expectations in regards to the treatment itself and that is where many spas don’t pass the test… Well, this is not about comparing but rather to appreciate that The Hive Spa has both the style and the professionalism.
That is no surprise as most of their therapists have between 10 to 20 years of experience, and are trained and certified from the Studio Thai Massage & Spa Academy.

I would also like to mention that I am currently pregnant (6 months now) and The Hive Spa is one of the Spas in Bangkok that wouldn’t turn you down as an expecting mom. The reason? They know what they are doing! (Note: you have to be at least 4 months pregnant)
So, checking a Spa menu and seeing “Aroma Prenatal Massage” (60 min, 1600 THB) has become to me a criteria for selecting where to get a spa treatment. It is an indicator indeed, on the level of professionalism and training that the therapists have received.
The Aroma Massage is a pure moment of relaxation, and my therapist adjusted the pressure according to my directions. I would go again, and the earlier the better 🙂

The products 

When it comes to letting others applying anything on my skin, I could be fierce! From my skin care to my body oils, if not made by me, are bought from a few brands I trust to be genuinely organic and natural.
As I wanted to explore The Hive Spa full services, I have not only tried their Aroma Oil, but also their Mask and Scrub.

These are the products they used on me:

> Mango Foot Scrub, with Mango fragrance and apricot kernel, followed by:

> Lady Flower, Mask Whitening Cream, used to adjust the state of your skin, brighten dark skin spot, and reduce pimples

> Mango Twist Body Oil, used for muscular aches and pains, sprains and poor circulation

I liked that they have gone for fruity, sweet and gourmand notes (instead of the common herbal fragrances). It worked perfectly for me!

They are using Alodia Spa products, a boutique manufacturer of massage oils and Spa products for professionals located in Bangkok, Thailand. They carry a range of Virgin oils, Massage oils, Aromatherapy oils, Essential oils, Bath oils, Cream & Salt scrubs, Face & Body masks.

A bit about The Hive Concept 

If it was not for using the Hive co-working space at Piman 49, I probably wouldn’t know yet about their spa either so here is a bit about them:  More than a co-working space, it is a dynamic creative community that stretches from Thailand to Hong Kong, Singapore and Saigon. You get to enjoy a great space, but you also get to be part of an inspiring community, and we love that spirit!

As I work quite independently, I figured that for my own balance and discipline, my home sweet home was not always the environment to push me towards a productive day, and neither were all the wifi enabled but oh so noisy cafés in town. So I signed up for a membership at the Hive Thong Lo a few months back. Best decision! Their 5-storey building has all you need: it is modern, comfortable, with great day light, spacious wooden desks, a café and rooftop, some meeting and phone rooms, a free-flow of water, tea and coffee, and many more facilities.

If you would like to try a day of work there, they have a special offer on Tuesdays. If you are a member, you get 50% the regular Spa prices at certain times. Check with the reception for more info.

The Hive & The Hive Spa
46/9 (Piman 49)
Sukhumvit 49

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