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Is age just a number? Or is that something we are telling ourselves when we refuse to see the years going by?! Well, my friends, I have just turned 35. We can’t say 35 is a “mature” age yet (right?) but I see it as a symbolic number of confirmed adulthood!
So, to respond positively to my wrinkling eyes, my greying hair and the amount of time I need to recover from a couple of drinks (#aboutlastnight), I have decided to follow some simple bedtime rituals, to sleep better and to age better. I believe that ageing is beautiful when we do it with confidence, and while taking care of ourselves, so please join me in making going to bed a sacred moment in the sacred space that your bedroom should be.

Curbing that sweet tooth 

Or how to make a trick become a healthy habit…
If you too like to finish your meals by something sweet in the evening, but also believe it is not the best idea, I have something you might like!
I know this might sound very grandma-ish to some of you, but I embrace this routine very much!
Get yourself a nice mug, and choose among the many options available in Bangkok for a herbal infusion. Depending on what you want to address if anything at all (better digestion, maybe feeling flu-ish), or if it is indeed to tame that sweet craving, you have to try the Soothing Caramel Bedtime infusion by Yogi Tea. Caramel is one of the best flavours for me to get that sweet taste without the unnecessary refined sugar and all that you could be tempted to indulge in!
Plus, having a rather light (and early) dinner will help you sleep better. Actually I have been looking out for some info about the connection between heavy meals and nightmares as it occurred to me that there might be a link.

Stretch it out!

I am very thankful to the lady who introduced me to this YouTube Channel called “Yoga with Kassandra”. I used to follow some other yoga & workout classes but they were way too intense for me, which instead of motivating me, depressed me a little! So, from my experience, if you are also into home workout, I can’t recommend enough to look for classes that match with where you are at, and a teacher that you can relate to as well. Kassandra has various classes available, but for just-before-bed ritual, I find that stretching is what I need the most, and as I particularly have issues with my thumbs and wrists, this class is perfect, and only takes 10 minutes.

From head to toe

Moisturising my face and body is a minimum. For you too? But what about your neck? your hands? your hair? and your feet!
The hands and the neck, for women especially are often quite revealing of our age and/or how much we have been taking care of our skin, so let’s not forget to get them moisturised!
Here in Bangkok, the humid weather I would say is not too bad as I don’t feel my skin being so dry, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make an extra effort 🙂
Of course, the more natural, the better. I like the brand Desert Essence. They do global shipping with no shipping cost. (see link at the end of the article) Their products are organic, and they smell so delicious! I use their Sweet Almond hand and body lotion, and their Perfect Pistachio foot repair cream.
And for those glorious hair? I like to apply cream or serum at night (at the moment, I am using L’Occitane Aromachologie repairing oil) so in case it makes my hair look oily, my pillowcase won’t mind so much and I can rinse it of in the morning.

Winding down and breathing in

Here is a little reminder to start, about breathing… Yes, ever since we were born, inhaling and exhaling happens naturally, whether we pay attention to it or not. But starting to be more aware about breathing is already a step towards breathing better, which most of us could benefit from.
I have learnt about cardiac coherence during my olfactive therapy classes, and here is a 5 minutes video to follow along until it becomes more natural and you won’t need the video anymore. It is called “coherence” as it focuses on creating harmony between your nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine and immune systems.How to follow? Inhale as the ball goes up, exhale as it goes down.
My personal add-on? breathe in some essential oils to bring even more benefits!
Lately, I have been using a blend of Sweet orange (Citrus sinensis), Ylang-Ylang (Cananga odorata) and Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides), to focus on calming, letting go and grounding.

Did we miss anything? What are your “me time” favorites before a good night sleep?

Our picks for simple bedtime rituals
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