Bangkok, 22nd March 2020 – So as to limit the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, Governments around the world have increased the severity of their measures, restricting us, their citizens, in our everyday movements and actions.

Two days ago, our building management has informed us about the closure of the common areas: fitness, pool and the kids playground.
Yesterday, the Government announced the closure of shopping malls and other entertainment venues.
We feel it is only a matter of days before we have to be locked down in our homes too.

We personally haven’t lived anything like that before (who has, in our generation?) and it is scary, we won’t argue on that. But also, we sure don’t want our fear to control us, nor drive us insane and not be faithful to our usual selves: optimistic human beings, firm believers of the Power of Positive Thinking

So our call on this issue has nothing to do with how to solve the pandemic per sé, but rather about how to go through it, and lift our spirits up! 

Here is a list of the things we get to enjoy, right here, right now. 

Nurturing our health and supporting our immune system 

1. Drinking some immune super boosters
Loading on some fluids and vitamins, and lifting our mood up with their bright colors! Lifestyle Juicery has just launched a very timely offer, combining 6 immune-boosting cold-pressed juices, so handy during this season.

2. Cooking wholesome nutritious food
Cecilia’s specialty is to combine her culinary skills with her nutrition knowledge when it comes to boosting your immunity. On her page, A dose of Vitamin L, you’ll find some tips to the perfect recipe to stay strong.

3. … Or get some delicious food delivered to you
More than ever, this is a good time to sit down, relax and wait for some yummy avocado on toast or açai bowl to come your way from one of our favorite eateries in town: Luka at Siri House. They have just released their delivery menu!

4. Remembering to look after your gut
Yes, this is something we enjoy doing because we know how important that is! The balance of our intestinal microbiota is one of the pillars to a strong immunity. Looking after it through good nutrition (and supplements, when necessary) is golden and should not be neglected during the pandemic. Here is our 5-step guide to improve your gut health.

Turning all we can into a game for our little ones 

5. Making washing our kids hands fun
Explaining to little humans what germs are is probably the most difficult thing to do. Because where are those little creatures we can’t see, but can do so much damage? We have been looking for ways to explain to our little ones why washing their hands is so important. This 3-ingredient experiment did the job!

6. Get creative with your toilet paper rolls – or other items around the house
Drawing books are great, but why not walk around the house and see which items you can re-use to create something fun. With two toilet paper rolls for instance, you can create awesome binoculars and start your own safari at home. Happy Little Expat Kids shows you how easy this fun exercise can be. Entertainment for days!

7. Train little Yogi’s
Exercising is great to keep our dopamine level up, but not just that. It’s also great for improving strength in muscles and can improve concentration. Perfect for those homeschooling days! Yoga adds an extra twist to it (pun intended) as it is great for flexibility, it gives kids the tools to calm down, plus it supports positive mental health. But how do you get started? Petra has given some great exercises to get started here.

8. Show the world to our kids!
While we can’t pack our bags and physically fly to Yellowstone National Park right now…  we can still visit it! Wait what? Yup, if you’re ready to explore Yellowstone, you can now virtually tour its main attractions! There are plenty more interesting tours online, try and find the one that suits your family best!

Enjoying the virtual world more than ever! 

Reading an Ebook
  1. Finally taking the time to meditate
    You have seen their ads many times on your social media feed and it is in a corner of your head… Calm, the #1 meditation app is offering you to try them for free! Let’s do this, let’s walk that built-up anxiety out the door.
  1. Reading more
    Reading used to be one of our favorite pastime, until life…. got in the way. Now that we don’t need to drive to the office for a while, and all social gatherings are a big no no, why not relax sit back and enjoy some light reading? For the kids we’ve found this amazing app called EPIC! now offering their service entirely free. Off to find something similar for ourselves!
  1. Enjoying art from across the globe
    This is not such a futuristic idea anymore, now we get to travel the world from our living room and sharpen our cultural knowledge thanks to these museum virtual tours.
  1. Cultivate your creativity!
    As we are all adjusting to a new (and temporary) stay-at-home lifestyle, it’s important to stay inspired, creative and to take care of ourselves. And in times like these we love when companies step up to help us out. Like Brit+Co, who’s making all  online classes free until the end of the month!

Pampering ourselves with a home spa vibe 

Herbal Tea

13. We finally have some time for a hair mask!
Slowing down and working from home also means that it is acceptable to walk around with a hair mask on your head, while you let it soak for the recommended 20 minutes.
As Aesop fans, we’ve had our eyes on their Rose Hair and Scalp Moisturising Masque.

14. Diffusing some essential oils
We rely on essential oils to support our immune system, and they also have the power of purifying the air at home, and lift our mood up! Let’s mention here a few essential oils for atmospheric diffusion with a quality diffuser: Lemon (Citrus limon), Fine Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), Eucalyptus radiata. All available here

15. Sipping on some Herbal teas 
While working from home, we save time commuting, and are keeping some of that precious time for ourselves. We are upgrading our usual afternoon “coffee break” with a fancy & relaxing infusion such as this Rooibos Rose Lavender. We have been feeling great about that already! 

16. Feeling comfy in our Loungewear
Let’s trade the high heels and buttoned up shirts for a comfy cozy outfit. We like to support brands that have taken that step forward in fashion and are offering sustainable clothing. Here is one brand you can find in Bangkok who does exactly that.

Being creative in how to remain active 

17. Here is an at-home workout to get in the mood
One of our favourite Personal Trainers in town, Lee, who works at Base, has just shared some video (in speed motion) of her at home workout to get you inspired! Check her out here

18. Exploring YouTube Yoga classes
What is your favourite YouTube Channel for Fitness? We love to check new accounts! There is one we particularly like: Yoga with Kassandra. All levels welcome, and there is quite a good variety so you won’t get bored.
We are starting today with her 10 minutes Full Body Stretch

19. Planking every freaking day!
That is one more thing we can all do for ourselves: maintain a good core strength thanks to planking everyday. Here is a 5 min plank challenge if you are up for it!

20. Dust off that foam roller
A foam roller can help relieve muscle tightness, soreness and increase your joint range of motion. Healthline has 5 easy foam roller stretches to help with that.

Joelle and Frey

Article written by Joëlle SMANIOTTO & Frey SCHRIJVER
@My Healthy Bangkok 

As two entrepreneurs, expat wives and moms, Joëlle and Frey are growing healthier and wiser in the vibrant city of Bangkok! Our mission is to raise awareness towards all aspects of health, so our peers can thrive, feel good and do good.

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