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Patience with cooking is not a virtue of mine! But pancakes, are the only cooking I enjoy even more than eating. It is almost a therapy, a meditation, to pour, watch and flip! and build a little pancake tower.

So my initial thought was to make the thick American type of pancakes, but in the process, they became French pancakes, what we call crêpes. I hope you don’t mind! The main reason being practicality, I will tell you why.

Crêpes are a dish everybody l know love. Adults, kids, health-conscious or not. But for the health-conscious…. some ingredients in the original recipe could problematic: the flour and the (cow’s) milk.
So, here is my own version of crêpes made gluten free and dairy free. I have also included a filling, so they are flavorful enough to be eaten on their own.

So the reason I made them thin (vs. thick pancakes) is because not having any ‘”glue” (gluten), will make the batter less sticky and more easy to break, which is less likely to happen with the thiner version of the pancakes. The key? Do not try to flip them too early.

Now, get your pan out and let’s do some flipping!


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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 3-4 minutes (per crêpe)
Passive Time 30 minutes (optional)
small crêpes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 3-4 minutes (per crêpe)
Passive Time 30 minutes (optional)
small crêpes
  1. There are two more things you need: 1. A blender 2. A small anti-adhesive pan
  2. To blend, I use a Nutribullet and I find it awesome but any other good blender would do. I choose blender over whipping by hand because I am lazy, and I don't want any lump in my batter.
  3. Add all the ingredients into the blender except the water, adding the flours last (so they don't stick at the bottom). Give it a first whizz.
  4. Gradually add as much water as you feel necessary: the amount will depend on the texture you prefer for your crêpes (towards thick or super thin), as well as the thickness of the coconut milk you are using. The texture you are aiming for your batter is 'creamy smoothie' though.
  5. Give your blender a couple more whizzes now! And continue blending and adding water until you are happy with your batter.
  6. (optional) Let the batter sit for 30 minutes or more. I try to let it overnight in the fridge (then use a spatula to smoothen it up again before cooking).
  7. Then the fun part begins: heat up your pan on medium heat. Pour enough batter at the center, so when you tilt it around, it will cover the entire pan evenly. If you put too much, pour the excess back into the blender. Wait until you see some air building up under the crepe. With my stove, I wait about 2 minutes. Try to flip it. If too soft, wait a bit longer, then flip it and leave it about 1 minute on the other side.
  8. Usually the first crepe won't be great. It won't cook as well as the next due to the pan not being totally ready yet! So that first one: you eat 🙂
  9. Repeat the process and start stacking up! To enjoy hot or cold, with toppings or not (like a raw "Nutella") would be something festive and decadent!
Recipe Notes

Dear Bangkokians, here are our picks for the ingredients:

- Bob's red mill flours (coconut and tapioca) at Sunshine Market 
- Hilltribe free range eggs
- Merito organic coconut milk
- This time we used Agrilife coconut oil
- The organic banana came from N&P 
- For a raw Nutella, check with this lovely lady!

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