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Article written by Joëlle
@My Healthy Bangkok 

The cold-pressed juice topic had to come up at least once on My Healthy Bangkok. (I hope you are into it because there is more coming!)
I have been considering engaging in a juice detox ever since I moved here, so it is about time I seriously look into it after the holidays!Anyone interested in that ideas for 2020? 
I remember how light and energized I felt after completing the one and only full juice cleanse programme I have done years ago – and after a few first days of major crankiness!
We are well aware that in Thailand we are spoilt with choice, all year round, when it comes to fresh fruit and veggies. And juicing programmes aside, one way to up our daily intake of vitamins, fluids and 5-a-day’s, is to sip on some organic, daily cold-pressed juice that of course contains no added sugar.
To do so, we have tasted several juices from Me Juice, which so far, is one of the few juicing companies that ticks our many boxes!

Utmost daily freshness with Me Juice, from single orders to monthly programmes

This organic cold-pressed juice brand has been around since 2013. Back then, we can just imagine that the juicing concept might not have been as widely popular as it is today. Me Juice since then has elaborated its menu, and adapted it to our Bangkok urban lifestyle, making it easy for us to incorporate fresh fruit, veggies and more in our nutrition and on a daily basis.

First of all, let’s mention that their juices are not only cold-pressed and they have never been heated nor pasteurized, but also they are organic whenever possible. All of this matters to ensure all the goodness is intact when your bottles of juice reach your door.
Because yes, Me Juice’s are available for delivery to your door only, all over Bangkok and here is more info about their delivery services.

We like that you can indeed order just when you feel like it, or have the possibly to customize regular orders, from one bottle to two or three per day (30 | 60 | 90 bottles per month in their subscription package).

Besides – but we will relook into this in 2020! – they have various cleanse progammes from 1 to 7 days, with different intensity according to your particular needs.

A well-thought, diverse, colorful and mouth-watering menu

>> Green juices, and more shades of the rainbow

We know we need them, but we also know how not obvious it is to sneak them into our daily diet: the greens! Eat it or drink it, does it matter? 
For me right now it does, since I am working with my nutritionist on resetting my gut flora, and temporarily, I can’t eat raw fruit and vegetables, so I am drinking them! Opting for cold-press juices is my best option to get all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients, without the harder to digest bits! Even if you have no digestive issues, drinking cold-pressed juices in our hot weather, is a delicious way to quench your thirst and stay hydrated while fueling your body with good stuff.

At Me Juice, there are 15 juices to choose from, starting with green juices using ingredients such as parsley, celery, spinach, green cos, (wisely used) spirulina and pennywort.
Their green juices are numbered from 1 to 5, and we love that they each have their own balanced flavours, which we know from experience, is not easy to achieve. If I had to pick one, I would go with Green N0. 2 that contains cucumber, spinach, parsley, carrot lemon and ginger.
Beetroot and carrots are also quite present on their menu, each time combined with a well-thought variety of ingredients for tasty and enjoyable juices. I love their Beet N0. 1 as beetroot x passionfruit is a perfect match to my palate!

>> Elixir shots

I am quite proud of the kind of shots I enjoy drinking in my 30’s as opposed to in my 20’s! When we say that My Healthy Bangkok is about growing healthier and wiser, here is a concrete example of how far we have come already 🙂
Me Juice’s elixir shots are a reason why we have no excuses to skip a daily dose of super juice.
They come in mini glass jars, that absolutely reminds us of the “drink me” potion in Alice in Wonderland and they take you half a second to drink.
Although I could never be the one advising on wheatgrass as that taste is not for me, theirs seems to me, to be of quite high quality though.

Their turmeric + black pepper shot is the bomb! It also contains ginger, lemon and coconut water. An explosive taste that I can see myself crave for when feeling physically down, or to give me that energy kick I sometimes (often) need to get things done.

>> Nut milks

In my previous article about nut milk, I asked some advice to one of our experts in nutrition, Olga Vita, about the consumption of nut milk. She shared with us some nutrition tips, and also what to be careful about: additives and fortification.
Since then, I have switched to fresh nut milks whenever possible and Me Juice offers five creative concoctions including high quality “mylks”. We have to mention their Gold digger, which is one of their latest additions. It contains turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, as well as coconut flower nectar with a raw almond milk base. Just lovely! “gourmand” and healthy.

>> Lemonades

A timeless recipe that goes a long way… that is how we feel about Me Juice’s lemonades. They have four varieties, in four different colors, starting with their classic lemonade, simply and efficiently made out of water, honey and lemon.
For more sophisticated options, Me Juice has crafted colorful versions with either pomegranate, butterfly pea or roselle.
A fun quartet to serve at home for your afternoon lemonade parties!

>> A sustainable brand taking care of where we live: our bodies and our planet

Me Juice scores big time with their packaging: all juices and shots are packed and delivered in glass bottles.
And there is absolutely no plastic being used as the bottles come in a resistant cloth bag that won’t end up in the ocean.
To other moms of toddlers out there, those bags are perfect to re-use and hook on the stroller for your kid’s snacks or toys!
Whether you order once in a while, or on a regular basis, think about all of the plastic you are not using! Me Juice will even collect the empty glass bottles from you, so they can be washed and re-used.

Besides their top notch healthy juices, Me Juice also offers some superfoods such as home-made kimchi and vegan raw energy balls, which we have yet to try! One more product to try is their exfoliating face & body scrub, made from natural ingredients such as organic shea butter, honey extract, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, organic rose water and centella extract. Perfect for a beautiful new you ready for that new year to come!

Let’s touch base then again for that juice cleanse?

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