We have been slapped in the face pretty hard by two nasty bitches lately. Excuse my French. During my two minutes a day of I-am-a-wise-person, my thoughts can’t get away from this: Covid19 and yet other proofs that racism exists are all happening for a reason.
If our entire human race has been struck by a relentless virus: it is mother nature prompting us to change our careless ways of living. Because she got sick of suggesting, hinting, begging. She had to. We made her.
One positive side effect seems to be that our vision of what is important and what is futile, of what is right and what is wrong has gotten clearer, hasn’t it?
With that same clarity, we witnessed the revolting death of George Floyd whose name will forever mark a turn in the Black Lives Matter movement, because, if not enough before, we can see it pretty clearly now that it is a sick world we live in. Racism is one of our world’s sicknesses, and we have to make it go away. It is on us, fellow humans, to Heal the World.

Time to tune in with what your heart is telling you to do

As someone who’s constantly doubting myself, there are a few things in my life that give me great confidence though, and one of them is to tune in with my purpose:
> Creating space and opportunities for healing to happen.
> Being part of a solution for humans to live healthier and happier, thrive, feel good, do good and have a ripple effect around them.

And it is obvious that we can’t achieve health, peace and harmony on our own.  We need everybody’s effort and we need our planet to be healthier, so we can live healthily on it. That is the dream.

With that in mind, what my heart is telling me to do right now, is to wake up a bit differently to the upcoming days.
To carry hope in my heart, for love to stem from.
To step further away from the futile, and from the robotic ways I sometimes do things: they deprive me from fuller awareness, lucidity and even love.
To be part of more random acts of kindness.
To do more of what feels right, even if it might look weird to others.
To speak up more when something is wrong, but educate myself better before doing so.
To do less of what others people do, just because I want to be accepted.
To ask myself : who do I want to be accepted by?
In whose life do I want to be part of?
What do I know, what tools do I have and what positive impacts can I make around me?
And Go. For. It. No matter what.
Love is that place in your heart that can chase fear and hatred away when life gets pretty scary and ugly.

Besides the trending hashtags, here is what actually matters in regards to racism

#blackouttuesday. It amazed me to see that we are in a generation when you are saying something to say that you are saying nothing. That you are posting something, to say you won’t be posting anything. A bit funny, isn’t it?
If the bottom line is to show support and good intentions, on that, count me in! But my way of doing it is by sharing with you what I believe matters the most here.

What matters is that more of us are taking part in anti-racism.
Let’s use this momentum.
We don’t have to be involved in politics to take actions.
Every step we take towards kindness matters.
Change starts with your own mindset.
There is such a thing as unconscious bias.
We can’t understand everything but we can educate ourselves and develop empathy.

And now, I would really like us to sing this together and mean it

Weird? I don’t care!

“There’s a place in your heart
And I know that it is love
And this place could be much
Brighter than tomorrow”

 Michael Jackson

Photography credit:
Cover photo by Mati Mango, “human eye” 

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