Multiple times a day I grab my phone. Not because it’s ringing, or a message comes in, but just to mindlessly wander around social media. Facebook and Instagram can keep me busy for hours if I let it. Just check my screen time app on my phone and you’ll see. So time for a digital detox one can say!

Digital Detox for the win

This week we talked about it already. I am doing my utmost best not to use my phone ones my daughter gets back from school. And it is working out really well – by putting away my phone I feel less stressed and feel much more in the moment. For my daughter, it works too, as she is also not asking to get my phone that much anymore, and she loves getting my undivided attention.

But I feel that sometimes I slip back into old habits. When work is busy, and I feel I need to finish something, or when I’ve had a crazy day and just want to zone out. It never really helps to destress though…

So how can we hold on to the memento of stopping our digital usage? Here an expert would come in handy. Well, that’s where Nathaniel from Digital Detox Asia comes in. Like no other he understands the importance of taking periodic breaks to reconnect to ourselves, and each other!

This is how we do it!

Three tips from Digital Detox Asia:

  1. Put your phone on AIRPLANE MODE during the day when you want to focus on spending time with people, working, or creating and don’t want to be interrupted
  2. Incorporate yoga, meditation, creativity, and reading books into your life, to enjoy spending time in the REAL world
  3. Treat yourself to a Digital Detox, by refraining from using phones and computers for an hour, a day, or an entire weekend

You’ll develop more inner-strength, clarity, and happiness by following these tips. Enjoy!

A little bit more about Digital Detox Asia

Digital Detox Asia is for those of us who identify as being part of the Digital Age and understand the importance of taking periodic breaks to reconnect to ourselves and each other, refresh our minds and bodies with skills and information, and recharge, so that we’re ready to return to the world.

Created by John Will Sail and Nathaniel Simha in late 2017, Digital Detox Asia is here to raise awareness of this growing social movement and host tech-free city escapes in beautiful natural settings

So how do you disconnect to connect? We are curious to know your story. For instance how long could you go without your phone? Let us know in the comments below!

Article written by Frey

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