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@My Healthy Bangkok 

The story says that Walt Disney found inspiration in creating Disneyland in front of a merry-go-round. He dreamt of a place where not only kids would have fun, but parents too! So, under the influence of Disney’s genius idea, and based on our own experience as parents, we have tried several venues in Bangkok where adults and kids could have a good time.
Our main criterion? Tasty and healthy(ish) food and drinks, kids-friendly menus, seats and restrooms, some outdoor space and a bit of nature, and oh, a decent adult drink list. Here are our favorite spots!

Where to spend a fun day out as a family in Bangkok? 

#1 Sweet Poppy, the Urban Sanctuary 

Talking about family-friendly venues, the first place that comes to my mind is Sweet Poppy.
Let me get the one & only arguable downside out of the way… It is a bit far from our dear Bangkok city center (but near many international schools): in Nonthaburi.
A little tucked away, Sweet Poppy is a nice gateway though. It boats the coolest playground we have seen around here. It is made of natural material, in a wonderful tropical green garden, that makes it vey welcoming for all age groups to run, climb, swing and jump.

The menu is influenced by the Australian café culture: think fresh & sustainable! It has all the  items we could expect for a delectable brunch: avocado on toast, smoothies, grains bowls and fresh juices. Thumbs up to their kids menu too.

The spacious indoor and outdoor seating space makes it a very suitable venue for group gathering and birthday celebrations. We also want to mention their baby seats being the famous Stokke high chairs, and that is VERY cool!

On top of it, you will also find a lovely boutique with curated items such as baskets from Kenya,  or pottery from Australia.

#2 Blue Parrot, our Pétanque HQ

Located in Sathorn, Blue Parrot is one of those places you can’t avoid as a Bangkok expat! But why would you?
It ticks all of our boxes at My Healthy Bangkok. A little downside? Exclusively outdoors. And as much as we love to escape the A/C, sometimes Bangkok’s weather would rather call for indoors.

However, the entire seating area is sheltered and they have industrial fans to keep you quite cool. Just make sure to bring a mosquito repellent (although they usually have some available at the bar).

We love their selection of drinks for kids & adults and their sustainable bamboo straws. While we  would describe Blue Parrot as a casual dining venue, their menu is nonetheless quite sophisticated and quality oriented.
Blue Parrot is known for having a kids play area, as well as a little swimming pool for kids, and cabanas all along, where parents can sip their fresh coconuts or a glass of wine.

The highlight of Blue Parrot is clearly their pétanque field, one of our national favorite game in France! Why do we love it so much? Rules are easy, it is a fun way to spend time with friends, and you still have one hand free for your pastis.


#3 Gardens of Dinsor, a little Wonderland

I discovered Gardens of Dinsor last Easter (thus the Easter bunnies on the pictures!) and I couldn’t think of a better place for an Easter egg hunt!
While we find the venue and its furnishing a little bit outdated, we also like that it is quite a well-established venue. We were impressed by the attentive and efficient service.

We would recommend to book a table outdoor, in their relaxing garden, so you are a few steps away from the pond. And what will your little ones find there? Swans and peacocks! I think it is safe to say that all kids are mesmerized by them.
The garden is really pretty, a little Wonderland indeed, that makes Gardens of Dinsor a great venue for themed parties. They are also well-known for hosting private functions, including weddings.

The food? While they are not specifically health-oriented, you could still find a very decent selection of main courses and brunch dishes, with various egg options such as their Spinach & Mushroom Omelette, or their Pesto Scrambled Eggs.
Gardens of Dinsor is located between Thong Lo and Ekkamai.


Both these 3 venues are great options for us, our families and friends; so we usually visit them during the week-end, and at lunch-brunch time!
If you too are a parent, we know how important it is to have in your book some addresses that are kid-friendly, so we will be exploring more and share our best options for “after-work” (aka “before kids bedtime”) venues too.
We are always on the look out for more venues and inspirations so feel free to reach out to share your best addresses to or places you’d like us to visit!
Happy week-end!

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