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Originally from Paris, Joëlle has been living between Asia, the Middle-East  and France for the past 11 years. She started working in luxury hospitality management after graduating from a Business School. Her career path lead her to learning about the art of tea, then about the various uses of plants with a focus on health & wellness.

In 2015, she decided to go back to University to be educated in Natural Medicine. She studied French Aromatherapy followed by a course in Aromachology also known as Olfactive Therapy at the Faculté Libre de Médecines Naturelles et d’Ethnomédecine (FLMNE) in Paris, France.

Connecting with aromas and experiencing their benefits on the physical and psycho-emotional levels is what fascinated her the most, and today, she is committed to convey some knowledge about essential oils to those welcoming aromas into their lives.

She is married and has one son (thus, she focusses a lot on the safe use of essential oils with kids). 

Joëlle Smaniotto
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