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So finally it’s my time to go on a holiday. In between me and that trip it’s just packing up three suit cases, and a 12-hour flight… I will be happy when I have my feet firmly on the ground in Amsterdam so that my vacation can really start!

Sometimes I even wonder if the stress of traveling is worth to go at all, but I know the answer – it definitely is. Whether we’re flying home to enjoy time with family and friends, or flying to another place to enjoy a new culture, food and people, there is always something in it that makes it worth all the trouble.

To be honest I have a love-hate relationship with traveling. I love that it gets me to places I want to go, but with the lack of sleep, unhealthy food and loads of germs flying around in the air, I often get sick. So trying to travel in a healthy way is something super important for me, especially when this means I can enjoy my holiday time from the get go. It has happened too many times that I get sick the first couple of days of my vacation and I blame a big part of it on the trip getting there!

Over the years I have been adjusting my travel habits, and they seem to be helping me to get to my location in one piece 😉 Keep on reading to see how I do that.

Cherry on Top!

I love to travel, but I always feel so miserable after a long flight. You know the feeling – bloated belly, exhausted, dehydrated. So a while back I decided to take maters in my own hand and not eat the airline food anymore. Oh my has this been a huge change for me and my body. I have the feeling that it has also helped with getting over my jet lag faster. But who knows if that is it for sure. Anyways a couple of other things I do now:

Order a special meal
Why would I order a special meal? Well I have a few reasons for it. Number one is that I have had far too many times that I was unable to pick and choose the food, as it was already finished. And I got left with something I did not want to eat. When pre-ordering your meal you’re be sure you get what you want. Besides that, a special meal gets given to you about 45min before the other meals. Which is especially great on a night flight, as you can eat and take a nap faster.

Go bananas
uhuh – go B.A.N.A.N.A.S! (In my head I can sing like Gwen Stefani – in real life, not so much 😉 ) Usually there is only a tiny bit of fruit served with your airline meal. So I like to bring my own – actually I don’t bring a banana as they get brown quickly, but I love to bring fruits that are in season. It keeps me hydrated and fills me up at the same time!

Have a drink on me

My go to drink when traveling is water. Not only is this great to stay hydrated, but it makes you want to move as well – to the toilet I that is – and moving on a plane is always good. It gets the blood circulating and stretching your legs is always nice to do.

Frey Showing you her flowery 24 bottle

Joëlle just got me this amazing water bottle from 24 bottles – it’s lightweight, keeps hot for 12 hours and cold for 24, ecofriendly and have you seen the fun design? These beautiful bottles can be bought at Emporium Shopping Mall.

So fresh, so clean

First thing I do when I get seated on a plane is cleaning it with antibacterial wipes. Yes – I am that weird lady cleaning the tray, the phone set and the touch screen (and anything else that is covered in bacteria). Owh and I usually don’t touch any of the magazines – apparently they are filled with germs. Just check out this Time magazine article on the filthiest places to avoid on an airplane. 

I like to move it move it

As said I like to drink loads of water, not just to stay hydrated, but also to force myself to move. By drinking a couple of bottles of water I keep sending myself to the toilet. And while I am up anyways, I’ll make an extra lap around the plane just to give my muscles a bit of a tiny workout.

Boarding airplane of Thai Airways

Check out these great tips to exercise in the aisle or stretch it out in your seat.

Stress less

This is something I still don’t do well enough – but I am trying. It starts with packing my bag, customs (for one reason or another I always get picked out to do all the screenings), and waiting for the plane to leave. Once I am in the plane I know I can’t do anything about the flight and the trip anymore, and I finally start to relax. But before we’re there I have a couple of things to make sure I don’t stress out too much:

On my phone I have now created a standard list of what I want to bring on my trips – just the essentials, which I top up with things I need to bring for this specific trip (am I going to the beach or the city, will it be summer or winter, etc). Every time I have put something ready I just check it off which makes me feel more relaxed as I know that I am bringing everything I need.

Another thing I do for traveling is bringing a noise cancelling headphone. The noises that go around in the plane, but also in the airport, are just so loud. My worst experience was in Vietnam, where we had to wait in a hangar with loud Vietnames music, and plenty of families waiting for their flight… How I wished I had a noice cancelling headphone on that particular flight! Just to tune some of it out makes me a lot more relaxed.

Last but not least I have downloaded some of the series I love to watch on my iPad (currently I am catching up on Grey’s Anatomy, and Working Moms!). Just sitting back and being able to finally watch some shows is the best way to start your trip right – in my opinion!

What is it you do when traveling to stay happy and healthy?

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