As much as I love Bangkokgetting some fresh air and an occasional break from the concrete jungle is a must. I was looking for a healthy getaway my partner & I had not been yet. A place with healthy cafés we could work from, nice gyms, nature, delicious cuisine and short flight to limit our impact on the planet. We chose Hoi An, in Vietnam and were delighted 

Besides itstunning streets filled with colorful lanterns- this UNESCO World Heritage site will leave you in awe from the moment you enter its gates.

To me, it resembles a unique blend of Ubud (Bali), Luang Prabang (Laos), and Trinidad (Cuba) all whilst adding its own traditional touch.

Everything from its cuisine, people, tailoredmade clothes and its unique cyclos captures the essence of Hoi An, this beautiful Vietnamese preserved historical town. 

Audrey walking on the streets of Hoi An



Cocobox was one of the first smoothie chain juice bars in Hoi An. They now have 4 strategically placed stores across the old town. It is a vibrant place where you can have local fresh produce for breakfast, lunch and dinner

I tried so many juices there as possible! I highly recommend the ones with coconut milk as they make their own, and the chicken mango salad is a must try to.

Their Farm Shop features local products so you can bring some famous Vietnamese coffee back home! As a digital nomad, I loved that they have standing desks” to avoid sitting for too long, all of that in a cool air-conditioned environment.   

Cocobox's chicken mango salad


Most of the time I saw myself working at Hoi An Roastery though. Cocobox and Hoi An Roastery are a “Brother & Sister company”, so you will find lots of synergies and similarities between the two. They also have a few stores across the old town. My sweetest spot was the Hoi An Roastery & Bistro, facing the river. The service is exceptional, the music in the background very pleasant while overall quiet, the view inspiring and the food deliciously healthy and high quality.

Whether it is for a snack break in between streets strolling to get your energy back or sipping their smoothies & co, you must find an excuse to stop there! You cant miss them.


You can tell Hai Café is a good place to be when you see the long queue at dinner. Lunch is quieter. Try their marinated grilled meat in the hidden garden. 


Here is a great spot to stay fit during your holidays! They offer a Crossfit/Functional area, Muay Thai, Yoga, Lifting platform, free weights and Cardio. I was impressed by the equipment, and overall gym state. And after a session there? We made it a holiday habit to re-fuel our bodies from their healthy food bar.

Superfit Hoi An Fitness & Yoga is just launching a range of nutritious meals, juices, protein bars and smoothies called Lekker, Hoi An – Eat nutritiously. Live innovatively. Enjoy simply. 

Audrey working out with weights at Superfit Hoi An

Lekker Hoi An strives to provide nutritious, innovative and accessible products (delicious vegan range) that fuel your body. They use a mix of organic and locally sourced produce.I shared my reservation with the owner about hygiene and nutrients preservation (especially nut based products) given the health bar has no A.C yet and the kitchen space is tiny. Be assured this is being addressed! 

Out of their new menu, their chocolate protein bars and their innovative savoury scrambled oats were my highlights! 

Audrey enjoying food at Lekker Hoi An
Juice and smoothies from Lekker Hoi An
Two Chocolate Protein Bars from Lekker Hoi An


This is an interesting address for organic food, snacks and drinks including gluten-free, dairy-free and fermented products.


Yoga lovers will enjoy their classes, yoga teacher training, juice cleanse, retreat, and so much more. Go check out Nomad Yoga!

They also provide wellness treatments in their beautifully looking Spa I went for a sports massage there. This is not the best I had, however, it is a lovely quiet place to have a wide range of treatments. It is extremely well organised, clean and they offer you a last treat after your massage. For mani/pedi, I tend to go to more modest places, there is so much choice! 


It is one of the best ways to soak up the atmosphere of this charming town and visit the beach and rice fields. If your hotel is not very close to the centre you are almost guaranteed they provide bikes for free during your stay. Alternatively, it is very cheap and easy to rent from your hotel or homestay. 


Whether you are spiritual or not, you will enjoy this magical experience. You can make your wishes over your lantern and let it go from your boat or just do it simply by the river yourself by buying a lantern only.

Street in Hoi An full of people and beautiful lanterns

This blog is not supposed to be exhaustive but give you some of my best tips. Enjoy and let me know when you go next, I would love to “see” Hoi An again! 

Article written by Audrey Archambault,
Certified Nutrition, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Life Coach & NLP/Time Line Therapy Practitioner  

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