Do you sometimes find it challenging to navigate the city of Bangkok? We do too! Well, we used to… until we decided to go out and about to find our little gems when it comes to health & wellness. We want to share our curate list of cafés, studios and such with you, so you don’t have to get lost as much as we did in the beginning! 
We say curated list… as we are no yellow pages! You will only find here what we would recommend to our dear friends. Let us know if you try any of these places and how you liked it. J. xx

We found that the easier way to share a map is to use one powered by Google.
Then, we discovered this amazing free app called Mapstr. Are you using it yet?
If not, this is how it works…

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3. Add our places to your own map. Use it however you want: create your own tag, share with your friends and see their places too. Woah, so much easier than sending lists of places right? 😉

Happy navigation!