Are you a #Wondermama? Join our Bangkok Social Club!

We say hell yessss to moms supporting moms! And girls, do you too sometimes wonder “what was I so busy with before being a mom?!”
Perhaps like for us, you had a lot more time to socialize? And before being moms, we were and still are ladies. Awesome ladies creating more awesomeness when together!
So tell us, how nice would it be to organize a get-together of Wondermamas in which we discuss topics not (just) related to motherhood?
To get out, dress up, meet old & new friend, to laugh, feel empowered, and reconnect with the inner goddess in you? Join us here to let our magic happen.

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Social gatherings are great, but aren’t they greater when we feel part of a community that has a bit of a purpose? In this group, we can exchange information, ask questions, but above all, connect and meet in person through events and activities where we can be ourselves: healthy & social!