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We have a more sustainable way to get that pent-up energy out of your system! Bangkok has a wide offer when it comes to fitness. This is very exciting to explore, yes! Yet, sometimes I feel that all I need really, is to find that one health studio, that one gym class, or that one instructor who is going to get the best out of me, on repeat.
With my little experience in attending fitness group classes or using gym facilities in all the cities I have lived in, I can share that much: proximity (from work or from home) is key, as well as consistency. And that consistency can happen with making realistic plans, that can be sustained, long term.

So, from now on, you might see me on a regular basis at Elite Fight Club Bangkok, where not only you get to punch, but you learn how to throw a good one, how to become stronger, build stamina, in a friendly and supportive environment. While they offer Muay Thai, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Western Boxing & Fight Fit classes to name a few, here is a sneak peak of what Frey and I tried out last week: a Cross Fight class. Yes, because that too: having a gym buddy is another important motivation factor!

“Be the best version of yourself.” 



Elite Training center is located on Sukhumvit soi 30, which is in my vicinity radius! Is it in yours too?
Since it is easily accessible for me, either walking or from Phrom Pong BTS, that is one less excuse I can use on my procrastination days. While I have to admit, I would normally be more likely to check into fancier looking gyms, let me share with you how Elite Training Center changed my perspective on where I think I belong, fitness-wise.
In many gyms I have visited, as a not so athletic person myself, I have been intimidated. Either by the instructors, or by other users seeming to focus a lot on being seen, you know, taking countless selfies and all, and kind of killing my mood and the little self-confidence I usually bring in a fitness class!

At Elite Training center, I have come across inspiring people, here to train for real: some Muay Thai fighters that goes without saying, but that time, also a swimming instructor. He was genuinely sharing a few tips with us on how he uses the battle ropes and their benefits for swimmers. At Elite, we also got to know truly altruistic instructors such as Gee, who is a star! and great at video recording all your moves 😉  

“Inspiring people here to train for real.” 


All classes here are meant to be for small groups (of about 5 people), what some would call semi-private classes, and they also have private classes. This way, the teacher can pay more attention to each of us, and this to me, my friends, has a lot more value than a gym with a fancy shower gel!

On our first visit to Elite, we were lucky enough to get a private class. Yes the instructor was constantly pushing us further and correcting us which might not always be comfortable but comfort is not what were are here for, right?


A fight club is clearly not a place where my friends would imagine me going. I somehow generate a more yoga-ish vibe (even though I definitely can’t touch my toes). Also, and even if that quiz tells me that the best workout for me is hiking… I can secretly see myself more like a soft version of Million Dollar Baby, or well, realistically, just an ordinary fit & strong woman.
To me, strong is definitely the new skinny. I find strong to be sexy, healthy and sustainable, so this is what I am going for.

Getting and maintaining a strong body, not that I know yet the feeling of it, but I believe can be possible with classes taught at Elite Training.
In a 45-min Cross Fight Class like the one we tried, you go through 10 stations of resistance exercises and Muay Thai techniques drills: punches, kicks, elbow, knee, adjusted to the level you are at. I can say that we had lots of fun (don’t forget to share this article with your gym buddies!), while getting a good sweat and learning something. This was a very productive 45 minutes, and I look forward to the next class.

Up next for us? That “abs & booty” class! 

One more info for the road As of last summer, Elite has also opened in Hua Hin! Check this out.

While we live in or visit, Thailand, isn’t boxing one of the things worth learning about?

If you have found your absolute favorite way and / or place to get a good workout in Bangkok and you’d like to share it, let us know in the comments below.

Elite Fight Club Bangkok 
Elite Training Center,
The Waterford Diamond Tower, 10th Floor
Soi Sukhumvit 30/1 Sukhumvit Rd.
Klongtoey, 10110 Bangkok
Tel: 0836566141

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