Classic indeed! So much in fact, that real Bangkokians and long-time expats can dip into the almost original settings of Kuppa, a popular coffee house established in 1999. The atmosphere is warm, and the wide cushioned chairs very welcoming! Should I mention that soi 16 is busy and loud? but after crossing Kuppa’s little courtyard (or is it a carpark…) to pass their massive wooden door, I found it easy to rapidly forget about the food carts and motorbikes. At Kuppa, I often experienced some Bossa Nova playing lightly in the background, a smell combining lily flowers, oldish wood and freshly ground coffee. Inviting enough!

The owner is involved (and that is a good thing)

As Kuppa is a place I visit often, and why wouldn’t I? I live almost next door, a friendly-looking lady attended to me a couple of times. She didn’t introduce herself nor chatted much but by the way she moved around and seemed interested in seeing her guests satisfied, I could bet she was the owner!
Robin Lourvanij is discreet yet present. And isn’t it a key ingredient to a soulful business? A caring manager and a dedicated owner? That is a detail that I wanted to bring up here, as “soulful” is something we are fond of at My Healthy Bangkok.
I learnt that Khun Lourvanij spent some of her childhood in Perth, Australia, which could explain why besides a few Thai specialities, most of the menu honors Western dishes.

One of the few cafés in Bangkok where I order coffee! 

If you too are aiming at healthifying your lifestyle… tell me, what part has coffee in your life? I really appreciate a good cup or two in the early part of the day: one thing it would be difficult to take away from me. I ditched milks, even the healthy-ish ones, so I could exercice coffee mindfulness! In other words, I appreciate (a good) coffee’s taste for what it is and it allows me to get a better kick from it too.
So, when a venue has massive coffee bean bags piled on the floor like at Kuppa, I can only think  they either roast it in-house, or at least they are proud of the beans they’ve got.
The organic range available at Kuppa does more than the job for me. They have beans from Indonesia, Peru, Papua New Guinée and Mexico, and those are served in a French Press.
Outside of home, this is one of the few places where I would have coffee, as I have become quite sensitive to caffeine I guess or maybe to toxins and residues otherwise present in poor quality coffee (QED. Any enlightened comments on that are welcome!).

My press of Sumatra organic coffee 

My vegan order of Som Tam 

#MyhealthyBangkok’s pick

My favorite of their all-day breakfast options is the homemade yogurt with granola (homemade too) and honey, with a glass of freshly squeezed orange, carrot & ginger juice.
They have 10 different salads to choose from and my husband’s go-to for instance, is the crispy duck and citrus salad. You’ll find sandwiches (avocado & chicken, Gruyère and semi-dried tomato…), pizzas (roast pumpkin with feta & sage, burrata with cherry tomatoes…), pastas & risottos as well as main courses such as the grilled salmon on braised fennel served with green tea noodles. Most desserts are visible from their refrigerated counters, and one option I like is the apple crumble, as a good diversion from the gigantic cheesecake slices that one day I’ll try though 🙂
As I have my little habits, my usual go-to is one of the Thai specialties: the very classic Thai papaya salad, served with sticky rice. My customised order is without fish sauce nor shrimps (in a way, a vegan version!) which they always accommodate easily.

That is indeed one big upside at Kuppa: they have more than once fulfilled my special requests and let this be acknowledged, they do have a few superstar waiters: spot on and NOT nonchalant, yay!

Kuppa’s homemade granola & yogurt 

Another customized order for me! I turned their root vegetable plate into a salad. 

On & beyond Kuppa’s walls

That little courtyard-carkpark leading to Kuppa’s entrance also leads to a separate 2 storey building: the Kuppa Spa. (Has anyone been?)
> For those just passing by soi 16, they have recently added a take-away booth to grab a coffee and a homemade cookie on the go.
Available for retail you have a choice of home-made cookies, granola, coffee beans. And! The art pieces you see inside the café can also be purchased.
> One more thing, do you know Kuppadeli? Yes they are related! I often visit their outlet on the top floor of Emporium. If you look for a coffee serving almond milk, they do! My usual go-to there is the Mango Lassi.

What do you guys like about Kuppa and Kuppadeli?

Lilly stem sold @200 THB by the entrance. Good or bad do you think? Lilly smell is one of my favorite! 

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