Of all breakfasts, the standard French breakfast is the most appealing to me. Like saying no, thank you to pains au chocolat, croissants, strawberry jam and a glass of orange juice (and yeah, a cigarette perhaps too) is a real struggle for me. That French breakfast might tastes the best, but in reality… is the worst. Sugar, gluten and more sugar… a disaster combo that has proven to be a no-no on the path to a healthier me.
So now that over 30 years of my nutrition history is thrown out the window, what do I do next?

Is having breakfast even a good idea?

On the one hand I heard so many times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that eating breakfast supposedly kick-starts your metabolism, replenishes your energy, helps you focus at work. Some say healthier people tend to have breakfast, and there are also claims about how having breakfast would help reducing risks of developing certain diseases.

But on the other hand have you heard of intermittent fasting? And the claim that reducing your eating window in a day could improve your metabolic health and perhaps even extend your lifespan? And often, breakfast is the meal to skip.

So what to do?

To help me see clearer, I have asked Audrey ARCHAMBAULT, Certified Nutrition, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach to help! Read her advice below.

A bit more about TRE

Time-restricted eating (TRE) is a form of intermittent fasting that allows a limited time to eat each day: Beginners go for 12:12 (12-eating window, followed by a strict fast for 12 hours), Go Getters for 14:10 and Pros for 16:8.

During these fasting hours nothing will spike insulin and it is only in the absence of insulin that we can burn fat. Humans are designed to switch between using glucose (carbohydrate) and fat for fuel. We put down body fat as an energy reserve so that when food is scarce, we can live off that for a while. When we eat carbohydrates, insulin is secreted and one of the things it does is stop fat-burning. If we keep topping up insulin, we will have a harder time losing body fat. Even now, as we sleep, we are burning fat, as the body needs fuel through the night as well. Extending the overnight fast simply allows us to burn some more.

Should everyone restrict their eating time?
TRE may not work for everyone. If you are diabetic or very stressed, it is important to get your blood sugar levels on to an even keel first and TRE is not recommended. If you have trouble with hormone balance (e.g. PMS, PCOS, menopausal symptoms), TRE may or may not work for you. Start with the Beginner version on just two non-consecutive days per week to see how you get on. If you have thyroid issues, speak to your health practitioner before trying out TRE.

Our Bangkok’s favorite all-day breakfast venues… 

We count on you for deciding what suits you best! to break the fast early morning or wait until later…so here are our favorite options either way 🙂 

Glorious breakfast at Brekkie


Article featuring Audrey ARCHAMBAULT,
Certified Nutrition, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Life Coach & NLP/Time Line Therapy Practitioner  


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