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Are you a breakfast person…?

Well, let us share a good news with you: for now, it doesn’t really matter because this breakfast heaven offers all the items on its menu all day long! be it on a weekday or during the week-end. And for the latter, what can beat a hearty breakfast the day after a night out? Come as you are, first thing in the morning, after a workout, hungover, for lunch, brunch, you name it! Brekkie got you covered 😉
We went to Brekkie for a breakfast meeting (our favorite kind!)  on a beautiful Tuesday morning, and here is to share our experience.

Frey Holding on to the Breakfast Menu at Brekkie while laughing
Joelle checking out the menu at Brekkie Organice Cafe


After a 10-minute walk from Phrom Phong BTS Station, Brekkie’s standalone  organic café & juice bar made us feel invited and ready for a glorious breakfast! so we sat back and enjoyed what was to come.
Clearly, the friendly and dynamic staff who welcomed us already set Brekkie apart from many places we visited (cf. the dynamic part). Later on, they (special thanks to khun Kiel) turned out to be attentive and very professional. What a breeze!
The set-up? We enjoyed the combination of big windows filtering through just enough sunlight to feel at ease and awaken, and the harmoniously compartmented sections of the two storey café. Plus, they have swings! Eat and play? How cool is that! 

Interior at Brekkie with high chairs and natural day light

“The bright, private and a relaxing atmosphere were very enjoyable. All the little details make it a very inviting place to spend the whole morning. And that is what we did!” 


We picked these options (see below) based on: Avocado Toasts being Frey’s favourite breakfast dish ever, and she has to taste it whenever she sees it on a menu! Joëlle loves her savoury and can-be-eaten-from-a-bowl breakfasts so that is where the Quinoas options had a reason to live that day! And well, Acai Bowls and other Superfood bowls are everywhere now… so they are a good benchmark, aren’t they? 

Hot Almond latte

Thumbs up for Brekkie having almond milk as an option, not so common in Bangkok. 

Toast with smashed avocado, salmon and a poached egg

Avocado toast with Smoked Salmon & Poached Egg
Perfectly ripe avocado, egg cooked seamlessly and a good amount of salmon lasting until the last bite.  

Açai Bowl
A must try at Brekkie. Not too sweet, a nice crunch with the in-house made granola and the chia seeds and some freshness with the berries. It was almost too pretty to eat – you did hear me say ‘almost’, right? 😉 – luckily we still have the picture!

Fried Quinoa Tom-Yum with diced salmon topped with a poached egg

Fried Quinoa Tom-Yum with Diced Salmon
Quinoa AND salmon for breakfast? Hell yeah! The Tom Yum had a great flavour although a bit too sweet and with too many lemongrass bits to sort out. For our next visit: we will try the Holy Basil instead… (and ask no sugar just to be sure). 

Mean Green Spirulina
Filled with yummy goodness: spinach, spirulina powder, banana, passion fruit, in-house made granola, shredded coconut, goji berries, and be pollen we reckon.  A combo of  superfoods and supertaste! covering enough the usually too powerful taste of spirulina.


Cold-pressed juices
Who doesn’t love a cold pressed-juice? The Get Glow (actually the yellow one: pineapple, apple, coconut, turmeric) was our favourite. 


The four dishes we tried at Brekkie Organice Cafe

“We loved our visit from the moment we stepped through the doors. The staff was  attentive, the food was scrumptious, looked impeccable and the atmosphere made us feel at home immediately.” 

Joelle and Frey enjoying a scrumptious breakfast at Brekkie

Brekkie Organic Cafe & Juice Bar
6/9 Soi Promsri North Klongtan
Wattana BKK 10110
Tel: 0836566141
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 9am to 6pm

Do you have other breakfast venues in mind? Tell us all about it 😉 

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