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Here at My Healthy Bangkok we want to support you to live that healthy lifestyle in this amazing city! When we’re not busy writing blogs, or visiting new and exciting locations, you can often find us on Instagram. Where we find images of carefully styled breakfasts, perfect sunsets, selfies, and travel photos. As you know you can find photos of… well literally anything on Instagram.
But it is more than just that. Through this medium we get to know fascinating strangers, their loved ones, what they like to do and where they find their perfect cup of coffee. We use this as inspiration and see what interesting trends are happening in the city.

As you can never have too much of Bangkok inspiration, we love to share some of our favorite accounts in town. Whether you’re a Big Mango resident or not, these instagram accounts are worth a follow:

1. @chanamonday

Who? Chana (@chanamonday) is a busy bee – co-founder of @avocha, instructor at @rydecycle, and a reiki level II Master! On her instagram account, Chana lets us follow her in her life. We see amazing photos of her working out – always with a big smile, how does she do that? -, places she visits, and the healthy dishes she eats and prepares.

What do we love about her? Chana has this amazing message she wants to bring out into the world, and that is to make the world a little bit more real. Basically all about mindfulness and body positivity. Still showing beautiful pictures, but keeping the message real. And that is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Chana working out

2. @darrennnliu 

Who? Darren (@darrennnliu) is the creator and founder behind Genius Bar Bangkok – Asia’s first and only dedicated bone broth café. And so, when following Darren, you can see that a healthy lifestyle is important to him. Being a certified health coach makes him even more passionate to serving real, healthy food without skimping on the flavor. 

What do we love about him? Darren shows you a real peak into his day to day life. On his feed you see his family and friends popping in and out of the frame. This linked with his passion for honest food,  and staying fit, gives it a great dynamic account.

Darren Liu in front of Genius Bar sign

3. @bangkokhealthcoach 

Who? One quick look on @bangkokhealthcoach and you know that Siree is there to serve others. Sharing posts with exercises, healthy recipes, and ways to make your life easier. As an ACE Certified Health Coach and Trainer she does in-person and online coaching to cater to her clients goals and time

What we love about her? Siree shows different workout ideas that are easy to follow and do by yourself. But she also loves to share photos of food (mostly healthy 😉 ) and her family life!

Siree in the gym wearing a #FitToServe shirt

4. @nathaniel.simha 

Who? Maybe you remember Nathaniel from an earlier post we did on disconnecting to social media.  As he is one of the co-creators of @digitaldetoxasia he was the perfect person to give us some tips on this. Besides that, he is also a movement coach – which makes for an interesting combination. 

What we love about him? Nathaniel shares his love of being offline, amazing yoga moves and other exercises to keep him fit and having a positive mindset, always with a big smile on his face. A great motivation to start your day with!

Nathaniel Simha in lotus pose

5. @simple_life_bangkok

Who? Aurore is the person behind @simple_life_bangkok and with her account she wants to show that zero waste, or at least reducing waste, is not as difficult as it seems. When she visited Bali, she had a wake up call after seeing so much plastic in the sea that her family was unable to swim. This inspired her to not only change her own lifestyle, but try to help others to do the same by sharing tips on her instagram account. 

Why we love her? Aurore doesn’t proclaim to be a zero-waste guru, she just wants to push herself and her family to get better at it. And while she is researching and finding ways to do so, she loves to help others do the same. By sharing easy tips, zero waste events and news on her account. In this way so she hopes to influence others to make the world a better place. Which is a great start in this big and polluted city.

Zero Waste Lifestyle set up with refill showergel

What are some of your favorite Bangkok based Instagram accounts? Let us know, and we’ll be sure to check them out! 

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