Mari Kondo first came into our lives with her book ‘the life-changing magic of tidying up’, followed by the book ‘spark joy’. These books swept across the planet and her words were gobbled up in all corners of the world. Because why shouldn’t life be as simple as looking to see if something sparks joy to keep it and if it doesn’t you get rid of it. I wish I knew these wise words a little bit earlier in life – and listened to them. It would have made my cross-continent moves a lot easier! 

So why would we only look at cleaning up our house for something that sparks joy? Why not apply it to everything in life? Go to the places that make you happy and where you want to go again and again. That’s what we want to do with this little list as well. We picked out three things that spark joy in our life here in Bangkok – which wasn’t easy as we could have made the list of more than a hundred places, but to keep in the Marie Kondo spirit we want to keep it nice and clean 😉 . Keep on reading to see which three places we picked out. 

Food, glorious food

By now you know that we like delicious, healthy food. Whether this is Thai, French, Japanese or Dutch, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that it has been made with honest ingredients. But just great food is not always something that will spark joy. I mean the service of a restaurant can be bad, or the atmosphere just not what you were hoping for.

But all of that not at this place. Baan Phad Thai is our pick this time for our restaurant spot in what sparks our joy. Why? This hole in the wall restaurant with its baby blue interior just pulls you in. But it is not just the setting, it’s the food and the people too! As for the menu, the name says it all – Pad Thai; from the vegetarian option to the mud crab. The one more delicious than the other. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

Baan Phad Thai
21-23 Soi Charoen Krung 44
North Sathorn
Tel: +66(0)206055534 / +66(0)633700220
Open daily from 11:00AM – 10:00PM (last order at 10:00PM)

Never too old to play outside

I grew up in a small village in Holland, where I was always able to walk into the green somewhere. When I was older I moved to The Hague, where I could head into dunes and the greenery. It calms me to just be away from all the noises a big city as Bangkok brings with it. Bangkok is a big metropole with buildings as far as the eye can see, but luckily that’s not all, as there are loads of parks scattered around the city. The one bigger than the other – yes I am looking at you Rama IX Park. But one holds a special place for me – Lumphini Park. Not because its right around the corner from my house, that my daughter loves the playground, that you can bump into a monitor lizard around every corner, the corny swan boats you can rent, the vast amount of flora and fauna in the middle of a metropolitan, or that you can ride around on your bike around here during the day (always a Dutchie at heart).

These are all things that make me like this park a lot, but I will always be connected to this amazing city park because of the beautiful maternity shoot I have had here with Natasha from Natasha I. Gillet Photography. Now Lumphini Park is not just around the corner, but also a little bit ín my house with these amazing photos.

Photo by Natasha from Natasha I. Gillet Photography

Lumphini Park
Thanon Rama IV
Lumphini, Pathum Wan
Open daily from 4:30AM to 9:00PM

Rest and your energy will be restored

And what better way to rest than at a spa? The place to rejuvenate, get those painful muscles taken care off or to make you feel beautiful with a facial or a mani-pedi. I could spend hours in a spa if I’d have the time, but more importantly if it makes me feel comfortable and at home. That’s why I was so happy that Joëlle pointed me in the direction of the Hive Spa, as this is just the right space to spend some well-deserved me-time. In this boutique town spa, you’ll find elegant private treatment rooms, impeccable service, and the best therapists. When I walked in here I didn’t know what made me feel at home, until I noticed their Cochine Saigon candles. This was one of the items I bought in bulk before we left Ho Chi Minh City over 5 years ago – such a beautiful product line, and the perfect scent for a spa in my opinion. But maybe I should let Joëlle talk about anything scent related 😉 

The Hive Spa
1st Floor, the Hive Bangkok
Piman 49, 46/9 Soi Sukhumvit 49,
Klong Ton Nua, Wattana
Tel: +6626624348
Open daily from 10:00AM to 8:00PM

Hope you enjoyed our list of what sparks us joy in Bangkok. Let us know what sparks your joy, we’d love to give them a try!

Article written by Frey

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