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Article written by Joëlle
@My Healthy Bangkok 

Hey have you seen that silly lady? She’s walking around, holding a cup of coffee in one hand, pushing the Yoyo from the other, wearing a pair of leggings, because she is so (not) going to the gym today!
That silly lady, she is navigating through the streets of Bangkok, dreaming of a healthier life… but at every sip of her mass-produced soy milk latte, she is brought back to reality.
That silly lady, feeling dizzy from too much caffeine, switched to decaf, and this, is the silliest part because, what is the point for coffee then, I’d hear you say.
That silly lady, you guessed, is me, on way too many days!  But it’s all good. A new decade has started, and I am still high on my health resolutions. What are they? To accept where I am, accept the mistakes I make, and change my poor out-of-conveniency daily habits, one cup at the time, not overnight. 

What do you carry in a cup?

Who else feels that there is sometimes more than just a beverage in that of-course-reusable cup we are carrying around?
When still on regular coffee, that cup was clearly something I established as a necessity. You know, anything could happen today, but first, coffee.
Besides the conveniency of an addictive stimulant at my fingertips, holding that cup also made me fit in a certain way of living and part of a tribe. But after all that fuss, it just remained as a habit.
Growing healthier and wiser, I am still silly-ing around some time, but I have also happily replaced some of those soy decaf lattes with cups filled of nutritious beverages such as matchaor cold-pressed juices, but even more: with vegetable and bone broths (the real deal, not the store-bought cubes!).

Bone broth is not a health trend

It is quite at the antipodes of that actually. Bone broth – yes, a broth made out of simmered bones – is an ancestral kitchen staple. Yes, it is old AF and a broth doesn’t care about being sexy nor an instagramable superfood. And this is one of the many reasons why I personally like bone broth!
Choosing to drink bone broth, like any health choice we are making, or any healthy habit we are building, should be out of conviction I would say, and because we believe it is good, not because it looks good on camera.
In this article, my go-to nutrition expert, Valérie Monseur, has shared with us the many reasons why bone broth is relevant to our modern diets, as well as pointing out the importance of key ingredients and the way to prepare it. (So I don’t have to reiterate here, please read Valérie’s insights if not yet!).

Why Genius Bar could be the new Starbucks

When such an ancestral recipe gets a lot of attention again, with bone broth bars taking the planet by storm, I bet it is here to stay! And it was about time we, Bangkokians, got our own too. Darren Liu and his partner Kat, opened Genius Bar in May 2019, making it the first bone broth bar in Asia. While asian cultures are not foreign to broths (Vietnamese phõ, chicken noodle soup, and more), what Genius Bar offers, is at a whole new level, combining tradition, nutrition and reinforcing a sense of community for all health-conscious citizens.
Their bone broths are nutrient-rich. That means their core ingredients, the chicken and beef bones, are from organic sources, grass-fed, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and prepared smartly, so as to provide you with a great amount of natural collagen, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

A proper bone broth takes time to prepare, but Genius Bar simmers it and customizes it for us, so we can just enjoy that healthy lifestyle, and proudly display our Genius branded cup, our very proof of not-so-silliness after all.
Three options are available as a broth base: the beef, the chicken or the vegan-friendly option, the mushroom elixir, to which you can add-on some more magic and taste with cilantro, ginger, turmeric and more.

The take-away cups makes it so convenient and easy for us city dwellers to grab & go, although you are encouraged to bring your own cup.
Their set-up at the LG floor of Eight Thonglo allows a few of us to sit & sip, although you are encouraged to stand & squat to get a friendly discount on your total bill. That is a genius idea, and a true reflection of that new tribe I am so thrilled to be part of.

Their latest additions are their 1L frozen bags for the conveniency of your home, and their satisfying Thai food. They say it: “You’ve never had ka prao like this before”. True that, the first time I tried it, my initial reaction was to think “there is something missing… and that feels great”. You know what it was? the lack of nastiness commonly brought by MSG and sugar. Finally, at Genius Bar, you can enjoy Thai food staples with no crap in it! And rediscover the taste of real food.

It is probably bone broth they are having!

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