If you are into healthy food and live in Bangkok I probably don’t have to introduce Dressed to you. But have you discovered their newest menu? Well, this blog post is long overdue…(life happened!) so chances are that many of you had by now.
While they were already one of the pioneers in the health food scene in Bangkok years ago, Dressed has now set the bar even higher with a well-thought and brilliantly executed health-boosting menu. It was inaugurated at their most recent venue at Silom. Let’s take a look!

As I stepped into the brand new Dressed outlet at Liberty Square, right by Silom and Convent Rd crossing, I discovered a more sleek and more modern menu. Several pages dedicated to freshness, balance and nutrition. In other words, great lunch was about to happen…
In addition to the already popular salads and wraps such as the “Superfit”, the “Detox Antioxidant” or the “New Orleans Chicken”, some tempting and exotic additions came to add even more coolness to your urban lunches.

Discover here on the pictures the “Mykonos” salad.  I have to say that I love that they called it Mykonos and not just simply “Greek salad” like everywhere else. Brilliant!
And the second one is the “Kyoto” salad. It would be very hard to tell you which one I preferred (so I suggest you try both…) but as it is not common to find decent (let aside good) greek style salads in Bangkok, the Mykonos salad is a must-try. If you do try it, please let me know what you think! (Any Greek friends living in Bangkok reading this?)

Going backwards on the menu, you will find one full page dedicated to what many people consider being the most important meal of the day: breakfast.
For us busy bees, having the option to have a quick yet nutritious breakfast on the go to start the day, makes our lives easier. Am I right?
Morning bowls have their own section, including “Oatmeal” and the very en vogue berry from the Amazon used in the “Açai Bowl” or some “Chia Pudding”.

In addition, check this succulent complete breakfast on my picture below: the “Smoked Salmon Egg-White Omelette” Thank you Dressed for making this! I will come back soon for your “Eggs Royale” 🙂
All of the breakfast items are dishes that I would totally do at home but what a relief to know that I can actually spare myself from cooking once in a while.

Before I move on to the sweet section of the menu, how not to mention the “Avocado toast”? one of the several vegan options on the menu.
Avo toasts are so simple. Yes, but they go a long way that is why we love them! And to make a difference, Dressed uses a bit of chili to spice it up, guacamole style on a thick slice of whole grain bread. Easy and exquisite.

With so much freshness and lightness, yes you can treat yourself to a dessert! Or if you just pop in for an afternoon snack, you will be equally satisfied. Do you guys know the luxury ice cream brand Below Eleven?
Well, guess what, you can find some at Dressed! On the picture here is a Chocolate Sorbet, using Valhrona cocoa. I asked (twice) if it was reeeaaaally a sorbet and not an ice cream, as it was so smooth… I couldn’t believe it.
I also tried their Energy Balls, they were a bit dry but I am sure they have perfected their recipe since that time.

To finish with, let me highlight few items of their beverage list: the first page on their menu.
Protein shakes, dairy-based of dairy-free, you choose! The names are very suggestive such as the “Natural high” (okay, I didn’t ask why they called it that!), the “Six Pack” or the “Spa Therapy”.

Dragon Boost, Golden Coconut & Beat it. Picture by Dressed. 

Do I need to say more to tempt you to rush to Dressed for your next healthy meal? It is great to see that they continue developing their menus to fit our needs even better.

See you guys around, and again a happy & healthy new year!

Thank you my dears for the lovely company! 

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